Project and general options

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Project and general options

This dialog manages all the project options, which are saved into the .pmp file, along with general (common) options saved into the IDE .ini file.

Folder macros:

To minimize path length in the folder part of a path, some macros are used:

$(myprojects):        The default projects folder, defined in the IDE general page.

$(project):        The folder of the project (where the .pmp file is located).

$(mydocs):        The "My documents" or "Documents" personal user folder in Windows.

$(pubdocs):        The "Public documents" folder in Windows.

$(pmp):        The "PIC Micro Pascal" sub-folder in the "Shared documents" / "Public documents" folder in Windows.

By default, when there's no directory part un a path, PMP will use the project's directory.

Bottom common controls:


"Copy to the main file top" button:

This button stores (inserts) all the main options as directives into the main program file. It will not replace existing ones (no source analysis).

"Save as defaults" check box:

If checked, the options will be stored as the default options (used when a new project is created), when the "OK" button is pressed.


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