Processor options page

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Part Number:

Selects the processor Part Number to use.

The list may be restricted through the Filter drop-down list at right.

This is the P/N that is used by default when there's no $PROCESSOR directive in the main program file. Otherwise, the P/N specified in the main program file will override the project's options.


This control lists several PIC families to restrict the list of P/N at left.

Flash/EE only:

Another filter to remove old OTP and EPROM devices from the list.

Default frequency:

Select the processor frequency that will be used.

This value is only used in time-related computations like for the DELAY built-in procedure.

This value is used when there's no $FREQUENCY directive in the main program.

This value may be retrieved by the FREQUENCY system pseudo-constant.

Option bits:

These options are the defaults that are applied if there's no $CONFIG directives.

Right click on an item opens a list of choices.