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Variables of type RECORD must be declared as a type identifier declared in a TYPE section prior to be used. 

Direct variable declaration as RECORD is not allowed in PMP. 

In PMP a RECORD is a simple subset of the standard Pascal RECORD; it cannot be nested and must contain only simple type fields, typed fields or strings or multi-bit fields (see below). It cannot be empty. 

A BOOLEAN field uses only one bit as a simple boolean.

BOOLEAN and BITS fields are grouped in one or several consecutive bytes at the end of the record, in the declaration order.

The programmer must not use code that presumes that a record field position in memory follows the record declaration order.

Unused bits in bytes that are used for booleans and BITS fields are not reused by PMP for another variable, so it is safe to move a record as a full block of bytes.

See also: Dynamic records, multi-bit fields.