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I would like to thank everyone who have contributed in one way or another to the growth of Pic Micro Pascal (some with donations).

Jack W. Crenshaw, Albert Graef and Berend de Boer, Thomas LeMense for their good work about how to build compilers.

Mike Gore for his excellent work on the PicFloat FP library, ancestor of the PMP float library.

Special thanks to heavy beta testers, library and demos contributors:

Olivier Jauzelon (ResetVector), Vasile Guta-Ciucur (Vasi), Thomas Breth, Studs Kreitzer (Thomas Henry).

Special thanks to beta testers and donators:

Cosmin Koteles - for the first installer program / configuration file,

Fred King, Johan Bakker, Giulio Bottini, Flemming Myrup, Calin Raszga, Willem van Pelt, Bernd Koesters, Jean-Luc Gofflot.

And finally:

Michel Burcez - my best friend, who knows almost nothing about PICs, for his support and wise advices.

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