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Today's favourites - 2010.04.24: Is Delphi Dead?

Creation date : 2010.04.24 11:44 PM
Last update : 2014.01.07 4:56 PM
Category : Today's favourites
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Reaction #4 

by hsn 2011.12.21 07:08 AM

Unfortunately Delphi was never in good hands. I wish if Microsoft could acquire Delphi from its current owners (embarcardero, did I spell that right?). Delphi will make more sense with Microsoft because that is the only RAD for win32 available for now (assuming C/C++ is not RAD). Even though many companies milked Delphi in that past, they were all betting on one speculation -- that Delphi would die "soon". You can see that from the effort went into its development over the years. Unfortunately only those who used Delphi would know that all the c# features were lifted from Delphi. Oh well...

Reaction #3 

by funlw65 2011.12.18 11:54 PM

At least, the link is dead. The commercial Delphi will be crossplatform. The free Delphi is already multiplatform and 64bit.

As long as the language is promoted and used along the schools (at least), then is pretty much alive.

Reaction #1 

by TheChiefPriest 2010.09.05 6:17 PM

Delphi is very much alive in my little programming shop. It is the tool of choice for knocking quick apps that would take forever to knock out in C#, Java, C++ and whatever psychedelic language you might have out there. n

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