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(Not in priority order) – Feel free to comment!

  1. Optimize RAM usage for procedures and functions arguments or local variables. NEW! Done since V2.0.
  2. Full implementation of records (more accepted types, nesting ...).
  3. Implement dot notation for specifying external unit symbols. NEW! Done since V2.0.
  4. Build a version that integrates in Microchip IDE (they do not seem to be very happy to give specifications). In progress but in standby state: I had some good contacts with Microchip support, but for now it is not enough...
  5. Continue to tune-up the expression optimizer; there is always something to do…
  6. Inline procedures and functions. In progress.
  7. Procedure and function overloading?
  8. Add a directive to optionally activate / deactivate the strong checking of types as Pascal does. PMP is C-Like on this (what a shame!). In progress. NEW! Partially done since V1.4.10.
  9. Evaluate GPUTILS support. In progress. Partial support introduced in V1.4.7. NEW! Done since V2.0.
  10. Evaluate the use of an optional stack for parameters passing and local variables for 16-bit FSR-aware processors; PMP does not use any stack currently. This is memory consuming but really faster than using a stack.
  11. And more…