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NEW! (V2.1) : PMP source files may contain special "triple-slash" comments to define documentation about the next identifier, it uses pseudo-XML syntax, as in Delphi.

Delphi syntax (all characters until end of line is a documentation comment):

documentation-comment = "///" documentation-text .

Note: The following rules are based on the Delphi documentation. Some Delphi features are not supported by PMP.

pseudo-XML documentation comments are:

The XML tags must be properly closed, such as <para>...</para>. If a closing element is not found, then the XML representation is invalid and the help floating bubble will not display correct information.

Example of a function with XML Documentation comments:

/// <summary>
///   IRQ-safe multi-byte counter write.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="NewValue">
///   The new value that will be written to the counter.
/// </param>
/// <remarks>
///   Useless for a single-byte counter which may be written directly, if Quad_Changed flag is not needed.
/// </remarks>
procedure Quad_Write(NewValue: tQuadCtr);

XML Elements:

The following pseudo-XML tags are supported:


   A summary of the target.


   A paragraph.


   Remarks regarding the target.

<param name="ParameterName">

   The name of a specific parameter, with its description (using double quotes).


   Reference to a specific type, symbol, or identifier. Future use as an hyperlink. Actually hyperlinks are not supported.


   Description of the return value of the target function.

<author> or <copyright> or <history>

 These elements are ignored and are not displayed in help bubbles.

Along with the elements above, the text may contain some simple pseudo-html formating tags like:

<b> text </b> :   text will be bold-faced.

<u> text> </u> : text will be underlined.

<br> : forced end of paragraph (single tag, no closing tag).

Differences with Delphi XML documentation:

Currently the XML documentation is updated only after a compilation, as the code tree.

Text written on several lines are kept on several lines (no automatic concatenation).

Hyperlinks are not supported, they are ignored.